The REALM of Take Too Ep4 5/13/18 – SPINOFF SHOW



The Realm of Take Too

Episode 4

Host: Roy

This week on the Realm of Take Too Roy takes an in depth look at The Magicians Season 3. It is a SPOILER FULL discussion as he breaks down the season. He discusses crusial events, character development and discussess his favorite episodes.

After that, Roy dives into the episodes rewind where he will look at the cult favorite Charmed.

Next is on to fantasy news of the week and there is an interesting tie-in to this adventures rewind.

Finally, Roy ends todays adventure by looking ahead. Hope you enjoy this new adventure into the Realm of Take Too Podcast.

Magicians link discussed in the review:

  • Intro – 0:00,
  • Magician’s Review – 1:24,
  • Rewind: Charmed – 69:48,
  • News – 77:08,
  • Upcoming – 80:28,
  • Conclusion – 81:54

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