2018 Summer Movie Draft 4/27/18 SPECIALTY ALERT



It is time for our annual Summer Movie Draft!

All six hosts have gotten together to draft the movies that they think will dominate the summer blockbuster season in 2018 !

One by one we drafted three rounds of films. Then a specialty round where only “Family friendly” films were allowed to be chosen!


We were doing so well that we decided to throw a 5th round into the ring!  That’s right! FIVE rounds of movie selections for all six hosts!

30 movies were chosen. Some will make money, some will flop badly. Which will that be and which host will be victorious for our 2018 Summer Movie Draft!

Join the convo:

email: taketoopodcast@gmail.com

twitter: @taketoopodcast

Find us on Instagram and the Facebook

web: taketoopodcast.com

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