TakeToo Takedown: Wrestlemania 34 Spectacular Super Show


PicsArt_04-06-05.51.34*SPIN-OFF SHOW SPECIAL*

It’s here folks! The biggest day is pro wrestling world is here and Take Too Takedown is covering it all in our Wrestlemania Spectacular Super Show.  John & Craig are so happy to bring you all the information we can our the first Wrestlemania for T3 to cover.  Individual picks are go through for each hosts, with lots and lots of debate.  But don’t worry, we have a special guest referee for such a big show.  But our show doesn’t end there.  We have thrown the challenge out to two other wrestling podcasts and their picks are presented too.  The Wrestling Life gentlemen were nice enough to record something for us to let our fans here.  Busted Wide Open decided to let us give you there picks for them, and we have much fun in doing so.  But that’s NOT ALL. We also share some love with our new podcast friends The Alleged Wrestling Podcast to preview an upcoming Wrestlemania recap show with them next week.  And EVEN THAT’S NOT ALL. We also have a dark horse guest come in to make sure their picks are heard too.  Will T3’s Junior Podcaster Intern beat everyone out?? Be sure to listen to the amazing episode and found out.

Be sure to let us know what you think of our picks, or tell us your own, in our mailbag segment:


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Edited by Craig The Machine

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