TakeToo Takedown: Episode 25


A5D0E2F4-A881-4FD2-8A76-77B83C570F88**SPIN-OFF SHOW**

The end of the Road to Wrestlemania is finally upon us folks.  John & Craig could not be more excited.  Well, excited about Wrestlemania at least.  RAW and SmackDown this week weren’t really all that spectacular, especially in terms of the build up to the big event.  But there were some bright points on both shows so we discuss them all.  We have some Wrestlemania discussion when it comes to our mailbag segment and our moment of this week is one of the funniest things WWE has done in a while.

Be sure to keep a look out on your feed because on Friday 4/6 we will be dropping our Wrestlemania Spectacular Super Show.  It will break down everything going on and set up the challenges from our show friends at The Wrestling Life and Busted Wide Open.  So make sure to listen to that one too.

We will answer all of your questions, wrestling and non-wrestling related, on our mailbag segment each week:


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Edited by Craig The Machine

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