Soundtracks: The Big Lebowski

Screenshot_2017-09-16-12-39-08-1*SPIN-OFF SHOW*SPIN-OFF SHOW*

Our first “homework” episode is finally here.  Somehow Craig missed one of the cult classics of the late 90’s and has never seen “The Big Lebowski.” Being one of Tony’s favorite movies and soundtracks, we knew that this had to change.  And so here we are.  Craig finally watched Lebowski in all its Dude-glory and the fellas are here ready to discuss the soundtrack.  A soundtrack full of good tunes but sorely lacking in a few songs that made the movie memorable.  They make sure to discuss all of the original sountrack and those key ones that should have been on there.

And while it’s been said before, we may start and end with some of Tony’s best acting work.

Let us know what you think of the show with a review and a rating on iTunes. Contact us with any soundtrack that you think should be covered.

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