TakeToo Takedown: Episode 22


Screenshot_2017-09-16-12-44-46-1-1*SPIN-OFF SHOW*

SPECIAL GUEST EPISODE!!! Craig & John have a big big show for you this week. The hosts are joined this week by none other than The Jason Wilson Experience from Right Coast Pro.  The manager to top all managers stops by our bunker, much to his distaste, to tell us all about Blarney Blast coming up this weekend in Delaware.

Both your hosts were pleasently surprised by Fastlane this past weekend and they make sure to cover why.  There was also a talk heavy RAW that is talked about, along with even more talking on Smackdown for the week.  Plus everyone’s favorite new segments, Triple T Bag and Mucha Lucha.  Make sure to let us know how you are enjoying both.  This is a big episode for us folks, but be have no doubt that it is well worth it.

Remember, we will answer all your questions, wrestling and non-wrestling related, in our mailbag segment:


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Edited by The Craig Machine

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