Everything Sucks!

Everything Sucks: A Netflix Original

I’m probably one of the only ones that will say this, but pretty much everything sucked about Everything Sucks! With that out of the way, let’s talk about why…
625400E6-148B-42BD-8321-854D66858AD1Series creators and writers Michael Mohan and Ben York Jones bring us the story of a collection of typical high school stereotypes: a collection of nerds and outsiders that are faced with discovering themselves, making friends and surviving their freshman year of high school (think of Freaks and Geeks, Glee, etc.) all while figuring out who they are, what they want, and their place in the world.
In what can best be described as a paper thin story with a weak plot and character development, we find ourselves in Boring High School, in Boring, Oregon (it’s a real place… I looked it up). All of the players are part of the AV and/or the Drama club. The irony here is simple, you have actors playing actors and all of them are horrible. It seems like none of the characters have any dimension and after watching all 10 episodes, I was left feeling like there was nothing new or interesting about any of them.
The two main characters, Luke (Jahi Di’Allo Winston) and Kate (Peyton Kennedy), are thrown together to try and drive the story but it feels clumsy and forced. Luke is a good kid who has to come to terms with way too much and none of his issues are ever really fleshed out. Kate is learning who she is and coming to terms with her sexuality. Tagged as a teenage coming of life story, it may have come too late to be edgy and none of the story allows the viewer to feel for any of the characters or feel any type of empathy for any of them.
I don’t wanna be that guy… the one that says something is horrible while everyone else wants to say how “inspiring” and “heartfelt” something is, but, I’m saying it! I like the premise of the story, I like the characters’ traits and flaws, and I like its “potential”… only problem is I like what could’ve been and not what was delivered.
To end on a positive note, there are two things I did like about this series. First, in a nod to Take Too Podcast hosts – Tony and Craig, the soundtrack is an instant memory recall of the mid 90’s and I like it. It’s a weird mix of grunge, crappy pop music and a kinda, left-of-center collection of songs that truly lend to that feeling you get when you have no clue of what you feel and why you feel it. Second, the story has the characters all involved in making a movie… this part was decent enough and gives the viewer a chance to breathe a little sigh and think, maybe, just maybe, there is something salvageable from this train wreck…
Nope. Nothing can be saved in my opinion… so I have to give it one star outta five… and the one star is for the soundtrack. I can’t say I recommend this nor will I ever be able to say it left me wanting more from any of its characters. All I can say is, everything about Everything Sucks!, sucks.


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