TakeToo Takedown: Episode 20


A5D0E2F4-A881-4FD2-8A76-77B83C570F88*SPIN-OFF ALERT*

John & Craig are back to fill your ear holes with all the wrestling info you could ever want.  After a bit of a tangent right at the start of the show, we eventually do come back to wrestling.  Discussing our opinions of how Elimination Chamber went, including the Ronda Rousey signing, as well as this week’s episodes of RAW and SmackDown.  As usual, we have LOTS of opinions of not just what WWE is doing but what they should be doing going forward as well.  Our Triple T-Bag and Moment Of… segments are lots of fun this week.  Plus we can’t be more excited for Right Coast Pro and MD Championship Wrestling events coming up.

Remember, we will answer all your questions, wrestling and non-wrestling related, in our mailbag segment:


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