Ep 71 2/20/18 ft Special Guest Host Sanjeev Sirpal “Can We Just Do a Show Full of Bloopers?”


PicsArt_02-20-09.56.23.pngEpisode 71

Hosts: Craig, Tony, Jenn, and special guest host for the week Sanjeev Sirpal

Our friend from the West Coast, writer/director/producer/funny man Sanjeev Sirpal joins us this week on one of our craziest episodes yet.  Most of our hosts give a good breakdown, opinion, and coverage of all things Black Panther.  So much to discuss here! We cover how the rest of the box office even bothered to do something this weekend, some great news from all the hosts, our weekly segment of Jenn N Juice, plus so many reviews.  The Ritual, Chris Rock’s new special, Dirty Money, Call Me By Your Name, and The Phantom Thread. And if that wasn’t enough, we also have Brian with an interview with Ralph Attanasia from “Cake Boss.”

What more can you people ask for from us?!

The bloopers on these week’s episode is also one for the history books folks. The audio gremilns got us but damn if it didn’t lead to some funny moments.

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