TakeToo Takedown: Episode 17


A5D0E2F4-A881-4FD2-8A76-77B83C570F88*SPIN-OFF ALERT*

Craig & John have returned this week for another amazing episode for you.  We start off the episode with some nice random tangents and eventually get to some wrestling talk. But only after we open up the Triple T-Bag again to see what’s our best letter of the week. RAW, SmackDown, and our love for local shows MD Championship and Right Coast Pro is discussed.  Plus we come up with a great crossover idea with some other wrestlings podcasts for some future events.

AND we are doing our best to bring down our show language to our maturity level, PG-13.  This week you can tell its a work in progress

We will answer all your questions, wrestling and non-wrestling related, on our mailbag segment:


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Edited by: Craig Machine

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