Soundtracks: Best of 2017 – Baby Driver & Guardians of the Galaxy 2


Screenshot_2017-09-16-12-39-08-1Craig & Tony are here again to discuss one of the most memorable part of most movies, the music. Soundtracks specifically.  The guys take a track by track look at some of the greatest movie soundtracks and why they helped make the movie so much better.

Tony & Craig knew there was only one way to be sure they got out of the 90’s for the newest Soundtracks episode…get a current as possible.  So here is their choices for the two best soundtracks of 2017.

Tony decided to go with the music heavy, Edgar Wright flick “Baby Driver.” The music is such an important part of the movie that they knew it had to be covered.  Craig decided on “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” covering some popular and not so popular hits from the late 60s and 70s.  Take a listen and see if you agree with their choices for the best of 2017.

Let the fellas know what you think about their selections and if something else should have won out for 2017. Plus be sure to keep sending in your suggestions for future shows.

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Edited by: C-Money

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