TakeToo Takedown: Episode 12


Screenshot_2017-09-16-12-44-46-1-1*SPIN-OFF SHOW*

Craig & John have returned for the new year with an even better show and format for you.  T3 is stronger, leaner (unlike our waistlines), and better. What holiday gifts did McMahon put under the WWE tree for the past two weeks of RAW and SmackDown? Some the guys loved and other gifts they immediately want to return.  They discuss it all.  John drops a surprise manager challenge on Craig. Plus Gamer/ Flamer/Lamer for the upcoming 2018 year of WWE.

And the NEW mailbag segment is revealed.  If you want to contact the fellas for them to discuss your letter on the air, wrestling and non-wrestling questions welcome, just email:


Tweet us: @taketootakedown

Don’t forget to use the Amazon link on www.taketoopodcast.com to buy yourself all those gifts your stupid family didn’t get for you.

Edited by: C-Note

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