All I Want for Christmas is Take Too — Holiday Special



“Look Daddy! Teacher says ‘Every time a bell rings, a podcast gets a download!”

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone from all of us at Take Too Podcast!!!

Our favorite thing about the holidays is spending it with the ones you love…and of course discussing movies.

We threw a Christmas party and invited all our friends to stop by. Just our luck, they ALL came! Darn this popularity of ours.

Each of our hosts, along with every one of our special guests, talk favorite holiday movies, favorite carols, favorite TV specials, and more. Plus you just may hear a few folk sing.

We hope you enjoy this specialty show and have a safe & wonderful holiday season!

Special thanks go out to our amazing friends:

actress and real life friend Kacey Spivey, creator of the AceBlade comic series – Danny J. Quick, filmmaker Sanjev Sirpal, actress Amy Hargreaves, cosplayer Laney Jade, actress Keeley Bright, Everything is Awesome podcast, The Two Bobs podcast, Large Marge Sent Us podcast, Those Movie Guys podcast, Down the Hall podcast, Moore Gooder Than podcast, Hey! Down in Front podcast, 80/20 Movie Show podcast, Super Movie Bros podcast, Batman vs James Bond podcast, muscian Eli Pafumi, and the absolute best for last is the co-host of Take Too Takedown podcast John

Intro song created and sung by Eli Pafumi

Find more of his amazing art at

Edited by the King of Christmas, Craig

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