Soundtracks: Friday



Craig & Tony are here again to discuss one of the most memorable part of most movies, the music. Soundtracks specifically. The guys take a track by track look at some of the greatest movie soundtracks and why they helped make the movie so much better.

EXPLICIT CONTENT: For songs and the guys’ language

They ain’t got no job, they ain’t got shit to do, so Tony & Craig decided to cover Friday for episode 3. The soundtrack to the 1995 comedy spans both the new and the old world of rap and r&b, with a little funk and a little soul throw in there too. Full of original tracks made for the film, as well as some old classics, these beats were bumping throughout Tony and Craig’s high school years. They discuss each track of the original soundtrack, Tony is full of mind blowing facts, and Craig probably admits to more in his past than he should. Be sure to listen up and jam along.

Bye Felicia

Let us know what you think of the Soundtracks show and if there are any memorable soundtracks you want Tony & Craig to cover

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