Ep60 12/5/17 Shamalama-ding-dong Chronicles


Episode 60 !

IMG_55191Hosts: Roy, Craig and Brian

Care to nerd out? This week we kinda do.

Roy has a great review of The Shannara Chronicles and just might talk you into watching them.

The Box Office is the calm before the storm that is coming in two weeks.. -cough- Star Wars -cough cough-

A heavy news week as well with many a topic being covered, plus a bit of a segue challenge amongst our hosts! We break down the new Avengers trailer and we see who has seen the most of yet another Top Movies of All Time list.

Ratings and Reviews always appreciated!

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Be Kind; ReWind:

  • Intro – 0:00,
  • Shannara review – 2:29,
  • Box Office – 7:05,
  • Whats in the Glass – 9:15,
  • News – 13:15,
  • Top 12 Movie Buff films – 35:50,
  • DC Discussion – 39:45,
  • Marvel Minute – 48:40,
  • Avengers Trailer breakdown – 54:15,
  • Going Forward – 56:30

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