Ep58 11-20-17 You’re Big on the Underscores


Hosts: Tony and Brian

Musical Guest: Eli Pafumi  

IMG_53651Where do we begin?!?

Tony and Brian are your hosts this evening and boy are you in for a treat!

They decided to record just before attending an advanced screening of Roman J. Israel, esq. The best availble option near the theater to do so – an art gallery. Hey, why not?? A huge thank you to the Silver Spring Civic Center for their hospitality.

On top of the mutiple recording locations, movie viewings and news thats dropped; the guys have a litany of reviews! We also announce our big winners for our Justice League Box Office prediction contest!

Justice League leads the way with a heavy discussion and SPOILER filled review. Then Mudbound, Murder on the Orient Express & Roman J. Israel all get reviews! The tag-team champions of T3 – Craig and John stop by with their review of the ESPN 30 for 30 – Ric Flair: Nature Boy and Jenn even gives us a quick Jenn n’ Juice!

This is by far one of our craziest episodes. We truly hope you enjoy the ride!

Ratings and Reviews are ALWAYS welcomed & most appreciated!

You can find and support this weeks musical guest at EliPafumi.com

Join the convo:

web: taketoopodcast.com

twitter: @taketoopodcast

email: taketoopodcast@gmail.com

call us: 867-5309

Be kind; ReWind:

  • Intro – 0:00,
  • Box Office – 2:40,
  • Justice League give away WINNERS! – 6:10,
  • Justice League SPOILER review – 10:35,
  • Mudbound review – 30:55,
  • 30for30 Ric Flair review – 38:00,
  • Whats in the Glass – 44:30,
  • Musical Guest – Eli Pafumi – 46:32,
  • Murder on the Orient Express – 50:25,
  • Jenn n’ Juice – 1:05:10,
  • Roman J. Israel, ESQ review – 1:07:30
  • News – 1:12:45,
  • Tonys TV Time – 1:21:10,
  • Marvel Minute – 1:41:45,
  • DC Discussion – 1:42:45,
  • Going Forward – 1:44:15,
  • T-Hanksgiving – 1:59:35

This show edited by: Brian

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