Vice Principals

Vice Principals just wrapped up it’s 2 season run on HBO. If you didn’t watch, I’m here to tell you convince you it’s worth the watch.


However, it may only appeal to those who like co creators Danny McBride’s and Jody Hill’s (Foot Fist Way) style of humor. It can be dark, serious at times, yet also swing to the absurd. Overall it’s another great HBO collaboration from these 2, similar to Eastbound and Down, which I was also a fan of. David Gordon Green, who also worked with them on Eastbound and Down, returns to direct much of season 2. He worked with McBride before on Pineapple Express, and they are collaborating on a new sequel to Halloween, which will see Jamie Lee Curtis return as well as John Carpenter producing and scoring the film. These guys love working together and it shows in their cohesive style of writing, performance, and direction.

While I am a big fan of Danny McBride’s work, the main reason I love Vice Principals is Walton Goggins. If you are not familiar with his work, (Do you live under a rock?!) he first made an impact on me with his work on Justified. He has also had great roles in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, and The Hateful Eight. He will soon be seen in the Tomb Raider reboot and Ant Man and the Wasp. He really plays a different character in Vice Principals, very effeminate, yet in control but also funny. His disgust for his coworkers, and thirst for control of the school is really the plot that drives the show. He can switch from being almost scary/sociopathic, to being happy and funny in such a great way that I have seen few accomplish. Speaking of McBride though, he is no slouch here. He is a slightly different character from Kenny Powers in Eastbound and Down, more emotionally in touch. I really think he is a talented actor and wish he was given more of a chance to do serious drama, as opposed to being pigeonholed into comedy as it seems from his previous roles.


If you have 9 hours (18 half hour long episodes) to binge a show, Vice Principals is worth your time. It has some great comedy, and season 2 really ties the storyline up well, even if the finale is a little too absurd. If you’re a fan of Danny McBride, go check out Vice Principals. You will laugh your ass off, and will most likely become a new fan of Walton Goggins.



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