Lore on Amazon

Lore is a new anthology style series, based on a podcast, created for Amazon. Lore as a podcast, is hosted by Aaron Mahnke and now has over 70 episodes since it first launched in March of 2015. Aaron Mahnke also narrates here for the first 6 episodes based on previous podcasts. Each episode has a specific plot based on creepy folklore stories.

-1-1The show is perfect for this time of year, Halloween, as each story is the basis for many other horror stories/films since. Lore does a great job of mixing documentary style footage and photos with modern recreations, using actors and sometimes even animation. The animation can be exceptionally interesting and a nice change of pace. Gale Anne Hurd (Walking Dead) is an executive producer, so she knows what makes people scared and has been successful again here.

In this first batch of 6 episodes we get the origin stories of werewolves, creepy dolls, changelings, and different variations on haunted houses, zombies, possessions, witches and ghosts. They also do a great job of trying to draw parallels between modern stories as well trying to find rationale for how or why these stories started.

There are decent performances throughout the season’s recreations from some known actors like Robert Patrick (Terminator 2), Kristin Bauer Van Straten (True Blood), Colm Feore (House of Cards), and Adam Goldberg (Dazed and Confused). However it is mostly lesser known actors, which I think is for the better.

The biggest drawback of Lore is there aren’t enough episodes yet. Each one is 45 minutes or less also. I hope Amazon renews it and continues to give us more stories. Not every episode is perfect, some are more intriguing than others, but I am really hoping we get more Lore soon. In the meantime, you can always check out the podcast for more spooky stories.


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