1922 on Netflix

1922 is the newest entry in the year of Stephen King. He has had a great year of multiple adaptations that have been mostly successful. This one is yet another success.


Thomas Jane is the star in a period piece about a man struggling with the guilt of (Spoilers Ahead) killing his wife. His wife wants to sell their farm and move to the city. When he refuses to go along, she threatens to go anyways and take their son with her. Jane’s character Wilf convinces his son it is in his best interest to help him kill his mother so he can stay with him. After they do the deed, bad things start to happen and their world unravels around them.

Thomas Jane is almost unrecognizable here, and does a great job committing to the role. He maintains his intensity, and accent, throughout the film. The film is also beautifully shot, really selling the time period and setting. Based on a short story of King’s, similar to Gerald’s Game, it also features a small cast. Molly Parker (House of Cards) has a small role as his wife Arlette. Also, Neal McDonough (Justified) is his neighbor who plays a minor role. It really is a character piece driven by Jane’s performance, similar to Gugino in Gerald’s Game.

1922 is a slow burn for sure, but worth checking out. It reminded me of the classic Edgar Allen Poe tale Tell-Tale Heart, but with a King twist. Not the best of the year of King, but by no means the worst. Head over to Netflix for a nice Halloween season psychological horror treat.


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