TakeToo Halloween Horror Movie Spectacular




Happy Halloween from your friendly neighborhood spooks at Take Too Podcast!

To celebrate one of our favorite holidays, Nick & Craig got together to discuss some of their favorite scary movies to hit the cinemas.  Nick & Craig (with some written submissions by the ghost of Tony) go over their top 5 all-time favorite flicks that get them in that scary Halloween spirit.  Did you favorite make our lists? Only way to find out is to spend some spooky time with us.

Did we forget any major classics? Is Craig a child for being so scared of his choices? Does Nick make it all the way to the end of the show? How much can we make fun of Tony just because he’s not there?

Interact with us from your current or your afterlife.

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E-mail: taketoopodcast@gmail.com

Web: www.taketoopodcast.com

Call: 867-5309

Have a Happy Halloween listeners!

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