The Babysitter


Samara Weaving, Judah Lewis, and Robbie Amell.

The Babysitter is a comedic horror film released on Netflix October 13th 2017. This is a funny take on your classic psycho slasher film. You have a young teenager Cole (Judah Lewis) who is going through those awkward early teen years, that everyone goes through. Cole’s latest struggle is rather not he still needs a babysitter, and that is a hard choice for him because his babysitter is funny, sweet, protective of him, and to say the least smoking hot. Bee (Samara Weaving) is Cole’s babysitter and she really seems to genuinely care for Cole, but not to the point that it stops her from getting what she wants. Because Bee has a secret, she’s in League with the Devil and she also has recruited some friends to help her fulfill a ritual pack. An if you haven’t guessed it Cole is a big part of it, but he’s not going out without a fight. After spying on Bee when she thought he was asleep. He caught a glimpse of the ritual group sacrificing someone in the first stage of the ritual, and that’s when things get started. This movie has some over-the-top acting that is done intentionally to contribute to the comedy aspect and in my opinion is part of what makes the movie good. There is also a a little blend of Final Destination in this film with the creative death scenes . When watching the movie, you knew when someone’s going to die but you really couldn’t say how. They give the audience some clues, like what was going to be use as an instrument of someone’s death but not how. I appreciated that, the writers and director did a good job with that aspect of the film. That really helped maintain the horror aspect in the movie. Once this movie gets going it’s pretty fast-paced and it has to be because it’s not a lot long movie ,roughly 1 hour and 25ish minutes. Yet another selling point in my opinion, I think most of us can agree that movies have gotten way too long. So this Halloween season if you want a Horror film that doesn’t take itself to seriously and doesn’t require an entire evening to watch then I suggest you check out the babysitter.


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