Ep53 10-16-17 He’s the white Chadwick Boseman


IMG_1875Season 2: Episode 1

Yup, that’s right! The season 2 premiere of Take Too Podcast. You forgot to set your DVR didn’t you? It’s ok, we’ve got you covered here on iTunes, Stitcher and Podbean!

Battle of the Sexes, Big Sick, Room 104, Mr. Mercedes and Get Shorty reviews all during this show!

Tony and Brian guide you on what to watch and what major blockbuster is about to flop this weekend. The Box Office gives us a little surprise and our news segment is loaded! Also, there may have been some trailers released this week? Possibly one about a Jedi?…

The guys also help explain all those additional shows you’ve noticed lately. Don’t worry, they wont bite…hard.

Ratings and Reviews are very much appreciated and welcomed!

Join the convo: (no, seriously. drop us a line. we love to chat)

Call us: 867-5309

email: taketoopodcast@gmail.com

web: taketoopodcast.com

twitter: @taketoopodcast

Be Kind; ReWind:

  • Intro – 0:00,
  • Box Office – 5:05,
  • Battle of the Sexes review – 8:55,
  • Whats in the Glass – 15:40,
  • Mr. Mercedes review – 21:00
  • Get Shorty review – 24:43
  • Room 104 review – 27:10
  • Big Sick review – 30:50
  • Last Jedi breakdown – 36:05
  • News – 41:05
  • Marvel Minute – 1:00:01
  • DC Discussion – 1:08:41
  • BAM – 1:14:45
  • Going Forward – 1:16:50

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