Suits: Season 7

Starring: Gabriel Macht, Rick Hoffman & Meghan Markle

suits7After last seasons disappointment from missed opportunities I was hopeful this season would redeem itself. Instead the show held true to what it always has been. The main characters get into trouble, they yell at themselves, they then find a way out of trouble that in-turn makes them even better than before. Everybody is happy.

It’s difficult to take any of their doom or gloom scenarios seriously at this point. Even when they would finally make the characters hit rock bottom, within an episode they’ve not only escaped from said bottom but are back on top or better. Season six missed a golden chance to make these characters finally realize the trouble they’d caused and learn their lesson from it. Instead they had their cakes, ate them, and then ordered ice cream. Season seven unfortunately did more of the same.

It sounds if I’m saying this is a horrible show. It’s not. It just could really use a change of direction. I understand the evolution and progression each of the characters and the show itself has gone through. It was a great change of pace to see a new regime take over at the firm, but nothing really changed procedurally with how they handled their cases.

Jessica (Gina ‘yup, she was in the Matrix’ Torres) left for Chicago and Harvey (Gabriel ‘was born for this role and this hairstyle’ Macht) is now the top dog at Pearson Specter Litt. His plate not only remains filled with day to day law suits, but now he has to make the big brass decisions for hiring, promotions, firings and how to handle the always impressive but under-qualified Donna! Donna (Sarah ‘how does she get her red hair to bounce like that’ Rafferty) has put her foot down that it is time for a promotion. She realized she can’t have Harvey romantically anymore so she pushes to be made a partner at the firm. Yup, the secretary with zero experience as a lawyer now gets to be partner. After a few episodes of awkwardness it is finally settled upon that Donna be named COO of the firm. For some reason everyone is totally cool with that. Congrats to Donna.

Mike (Patrick J. ‘thank God he got rid of last years haircut’ Adams) is now in a legal love triangle. He promised to make good at the pro-bono firm he ditched at seasons end last year. He always owes Harvey for every legal case gets, not too mention getting him out of jail. He decides to lie again, to take on cases he isn’t supposed to and to ignore his fiancé enough that she goes on wedding planning without him. That relationship by the way is a curious one. The show really drives home that these two are career driven. Never do we see them on a date or going out or not talking about work. Why are they even together? By seasons end Rachel (Meghan ‘cant believe I’m dating a legit Prince’ Markel) actually does put wedding planning on hold and advances her career by working alongside her Dad.

The best part of this show for at least the last few seasons has been Louis Litt. Louis (played masterfully by Rick ‘bet you didn’t know I can rap in real life’ Hoffman) is in a devastating tailspin of life and career. He can’t balance the trauma of losing his pregnant fiancé last season and is allowing it to affect his work life. He continuously lashes out at the underlings that work for him but finally has gone too far. He now finds himself at the wrong end of a harassment suit from a former female employee.

All of this turmoil. Each individual has more than their share of devastating cases or life events or both happening all at the same time. Episode by episode it is driven home how dire the circumstances have become and how difficult each situation will be to overcome.

If you’ve seen any season of this show you know exactly how this will play out. I wish I could tell you this season changes. I wish I could tell you that finally one of these characters actually loses. Disappointingly once again by seasons end everyone is happy and far better off than they set out to be before.

I love this show. The quick witted banter between characters, especially Mike and Harvey is always hilarious. Character evolution of Donna, Louis and Rachel has been really well done. But at this point we don’t even get a devastating cliff hanger to leave us with next year. I’ll make a prediction for season eight. The final scene will be a multitude of the characters relaxed in one of their offices all toasting to some job well done. Time invested and overall enjoyment of the show is what keeps me coming back for more. Well, and the drinking games are fun….every time they throw papers down on a desk – drink. I just hope next year these folks actually find some trouble they can’t get out of.

7.5 out of 10


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