Ballers season 3

Ballers recently wrapped it’s 3rd season on HBO. It was an enjoyable shift from the comedy driven first 2 seasons where it was nothing more than an Entourage clone. This year took a little more of a serious tone with a “ripped from the headlines” type storyline, as well as doing their version of a real life situation playing out in the NFL now.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has always been great on this show. I feel like it’s nice to see him giving R rated dialogue, but not in a raunchy comedy like Baywatch. It’s also good to see him deliver a little bit of drama, which usually isn’t expected of him in big action summer blockbusters. Like I alluded to before, this season dramatizes a real life storyline. The Rock’s character, Spencer Strasmore, is attempting to move an NFL franchise to Las Vegas. A very timely approach for the show, and more than just a big party like most of the episodes of the first 2 seasons.

-------.jpgThe other main focus of the season is on John David Washington (Denzel’s son) and his character Ricky Jerret’s mental health issues. He has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder as well as finding out he is suffering from the effects of a concussion the prior season. Add to those problems, he finds out he is to become a father and it is all making him mull over retirement. Again a very current problem facing the NFL is the story of head injuries. A great idea for the show to address this, and Washington does a great job with his character arc.

Ballers is such an easy show to catch up on, with 10 half hour episodes per season, it is very bingeable. It’s also fun to see players and personalities from the sports and entertainment worlds cameo on the show.

Catch up on Ballers, it is definitely worth the watch!


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