Jerry Before Seinfeld

Directed by: Michael Bonfiglio

Starring: Jerry Seinfeld

Recently Jerry Seinfeld signed a pretty big deal with Netflix. He agreed to bring his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to the streaming service along with performing three new 1-hour standup specials. Jerry Before Seinfeld is the first of those specials.seinfeld

Jerry is back to his roots and back to The Comic Strip in New York City. This is where it all began. This is the club that he would perform night after night back in the 70’s before finally getting noticed and invited onto the The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He narrates the entire story while on stage as he focuses on his childhood. He goes from wee adolescent to a young 20-something and of course adds in jokes along the way. The crux of them focusing on the differences in growing up back in the 50’s & 60’s vs kids growing up today. Today parents are too involved in their kids lives. When he grew up they didn’t have seatbelts or helmets or safety pads, nor did their parents even know their names!

As he progresses through the show and his life he even reveals the very first joke he ever told on stage. He prefaces it by saying “The absolute worst thing you can do as a comedian is say ‘I am going to tell you a joke, but here it is.” I wouldn’t do the joke justice by typing it here, you’ll just have to check out the show.

Any avid Seinfeld fan, as I am, may not get the full thrill of some jokes told during this special. I say that because you’ll recognize them from either previous specials he did or from an episode on his hit TV show. I was surprised at the laugh he got from his “Ask someone about their relationship and how high up on their face they touch with their hands will admit to you how bad its going” bit. Then again I guess that live audience doesn’t have the entire Seinfeld TV series committed to memory as I do.

It’s a well done special that goes by quickly. If you enjoy Seinfeld and his humor you’ll certainly enjoy this show. I’m looking forward to the next special!

7.5 outta 10



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