Preacher season 2

Let me preface this by saying I was a big fan of the Preacher comic by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion and had always hoped one day it would be adapted. However, it was always in development hell, and I figured it would never get made. Then it did! Season 1 wasn’t bad either…but wasn’t perfect. However, I was all in and ready for season 2.ppp.jpg Season 2 started out great, they were putting things on screen I never thought I’d see. Then they just ran out of steam I guess…The second season ended this past Sunday and it was quite the letdown.

I mean, we introduced the Saint of Killers & Herr Starr (played fantastically by Pip Torrens)!pre Two of the best parts of the comic! We went on the road splitting our time between New Orleans and Hell. This should’ve been even better than season 1. Somehow, it still let me down. The big drawback I think was having Jesse separated from Tulip and Cass for most of the time. Near the end of the season it seemed like they didn’t even leave their apartment much, ugh… oh, not to mention SPOILER ALERT: Tulip is dead! (most likely not, but it’s the cliffhanger for season 3). This season just let me down on a lot of meandering scenes/episodes that took us nowhere. We didn’t need to see the flashbacks of Jesse and Tulip in Dallas, or to meet her ex-husband. Cassidy’s son Dennis being turned into a vampire seemed pointless also. Even Eugene’s time in Hell seemed like a little bit of a waste as it did nothing to move our main characters forward.pre_204_sb_0313_0486-rt-gn.jpg

Now to the good parts of this season. Our 3 main leads Dominic Cooper (Captain America’s Howard Stark), Ruth Negga (Loving), & Joseph Gilgun are all perfectly cast and really do embody the roles as written. We also had some outrageous moments that played well. Eugene befriending Hitler in Hell, Jesus’s sex scene (full disclosure, you didn’t know it was Jesus at first, which is what made it great), and catching up with angel Fiore (from the first season) as he was a magician in Vegas.

Even though Preacher has continued to shed viewers, I hope AMC renews it again. I do love this show and the risks they are willing to take. We need these kind of shows on TV and one thing they have definitely gotten right is the casting of the characters that stay true to the books. Thanks Seth Rogen (yep, that guy) and Evan Goldberg!



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