Destiny 2

Calling all Guardians! The Traveler needs your help! At the stroke of midnight on September 6, 2017, thousands eagerly began the next chapter in the Destiny Saga. It has been three years since Destiny was released in September 2014, and Guardians have been eagerly waiting to see how the story is to unfold. This will be an ongoing review as I have only just begun my journey. Since the game just released this past weekend, this will also be a spoiler free review as far as the story goes.des.png

The hardest choice you have to make is deciding which Guardian you will use. Destiny 2 has 3 classes of Guardians with each having 3 subclasses: Warlock – Dawnblade, Voidwalker, Stormcaller; Hunter – Arcstrider, Gunslinger, Nightstalker; Titan – Sentinel, Striker, Sunbreaker. Each subclass changes the way each Guardian is played. With the ability to switch between each subclass freely, the player will be able to tweak their Guardian to whatever challenge is presented to them. As with Destiny, each Guardian can reach level 20, which unlocks various exotics weapons and armor.  As of now, the soft cap for light level is 260 with possibility to reach 265 with some exotic gear.

Bungie is slowly rolling out Destiny 2. Guardians will be able to play the storyline from the beginning with planned DLC to hit later this year. Additionally, only a few Crucible matches (multi-player) will be available at the beginning with more options opening later in the month and at special events. Bungie will start with the Nightfall strike on September 12. Next it will start its first raid campaign on September 13. Trial of the Nine and Xur, the exotic dealer, make their debut on September 15. Nightfalls will change each Tuesday, Raids will continue the month, and Xur will return every Friday with a new set of exotic gear. Bungie is planning on launching the Iron Banner at the beginning of Oct 1.

Bungie has kept a lot of things that worked in Destiny the same in its sequel. Leveling, looting, and Light levels to weapons and armor are all the same. Additionally, there remain class specific items that provide class specific improvements with class interchangeable weapons. Once you make it to the Hub, you again have access to your own vault where you can store all your extra items, which can be accessed by all your Guardians.

Bungie did improve on a few areas. One of the areas deals with travelling. You no longer have to travel back to orbit in order to visit other areas of interest. Furthermore, you can fast travel on the same planet you are on, which makes moving around in Destiny 2 much easier. Additionally, the number of public events has increased tremendously, making it much easier to gain loot and glimmer. As the other events are released, I will update how they have changed, if at all. Lastly, the ability to customize your Guardian has increased. You are no longer restricted to one color. Before, a shade would change your entire armor to a predetermined color scheme. Now you have the ability to change each piece of armor or weapon, allowing you to fully customize your Guardian.

If you were a fan of Destiny, then you will be a fan of Destiny 2. With the additions that I have uncovered so far and the ability to switch between subclasses so easily, Bungie has made it almost impossible not to spend hours exploring the various planets, delving into the Guardian’s rich story, or matching your skills against others in the Crucible. Get Destiny 2. We need you Guardian!

As events are released, I will update my ongoing adventures.


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