Snowfall is the newest project from John Singleton, most known for Boyz N The Hood. It had a 10 episode release on FX that you probably missed this summer. However, I really think you should go back and check it out.snowfall

The story is set in early 80’s LA during the onset of the crack epidemic. It focuses on three different story lines that all crossover and influence each other. There is Franklin, the 19-year-old turned drug dealing entrepreneur. Teddy, the CIA operative dealing with the Columbians. And Lucia/Gus who are trying to build a Mexican drug empire. Damson Idris is the standout performance here as Franklin. He hasn’t done much as of yet, but I have high hopes for his career. Otherwise, my favorite part of the show is just the setting and culture of 1980’s LA that John Singleton has captured so well. The look, wardrobe, soundtrack all are perfect and really put you in the era. My only complaint would be that a few times I felt like they went too fast with story development. To the point where they seemed to skip over some major plot point developments, which made me check to see if I missed an episode.

The show is not at the “must watch” TV level yet, but very enjoyable for a summer show. It has been renewed for a second season, so it is definitely worth catching up on. I’m looking forward to season 2 and seeing where the evolution of Franklin’s character goes.


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