Blood Drive on SyFy

I was looking forward to writing up my recap of Blood Drive all season. It was my favorite new summer show this year. I enjoyed every episode and was very actively promoting it on Twitter and spoke about it to friends and on Take Too Podcast. The final episode of it’s 13 episode first season aired last night, but sadly today it was announced it has been cancelled. I however am not ready to give up the fight! In this day and age, fans can make networks rethink their decisions. We saw it just recently with NBC and Timeless. So, I’m here to plead my case, and hopefully if you haven’t watched you will go back and binge it and join the social media campaign to save Blood Drive.blood

Blood Drive was like the Roger Corman movies of the 70’s (Death Race 2000) meets the Tarantino/Rodriguez Grindhouse movement. Just B movie madness! Each episode really embodied a different style and had great writing (cheesy dialogue…on purpose) and great over the top performances.

The main characters of the show are Arthur (Alan Ritchson) and Grace (Christina Ochoa). They are forced to compete in a race where all the cars are fueled by human blood. They both have their own motivations for being there and if they don’t race they risk dying. The race is hosted by the master of ceremonies, Julian Slink (Colin Cunningham). He works for the evil Heart Enterprises who is responsible for the poor conditions in their dystopian world.

Each episode of the 13 has it’s own unique twist on an exploitation film genre. There is a mental hospital, cannibals, nymphos, robots, and zombies. Sometimes even with an Asian or spaghetti western film feel. The show is all over the map, but if you just sit back turn your mind off, it is very enjoyable.

bllood3.pngAll the characters are perfectly crafted and instantly iconic. I can see Julian Slink being a very popular Halloween costume this year. Colin Cunningham (Falling Skies) was the standout role of the show. This was my favorite performance I’ve seen him in, and it’s a shame if I don’t see him play this role more. Alan Ritchson (Aquaman from Smallville) was also fantastic. He really showed some range during the season as you find out the many sides to his character and his evolution from good to bad to…it’s complicated. Christina Ochoa and blood4Marama Corlett play perfect sexy badasses who also have their own struggles and evolutions in character.

I can’t say enough good things about this show and how let down I am that it has ended too soon. I am still hoping it will get a second chance. If not, I am excited to see what James Roland and his talented cast and crew of writers do next.

Go watch Blood Drive if you have not yet, you won’t regret it. Let me know what you think and please tweet #renewblooddrive and see if the social movement works.




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