What Happened to Monday?

What Happened to Monday is the newest Netflix original film, released on August 18th. It is a sci-fi dystopian thriller set in the near future when our world is over populated and threatened with a food shortage. Drastic measures are taken by the government as they decide to limit each family to only one child. It stars Noomi Rapace (Swedish-Dragon Tattoo film series), Willem Dafoe (Boondock Saints), and Glenn Close (Fatal Attraction).


I am a sucker a good futuristic dystopian film, and this one was entertaining enough for me. The part that really sold the movie for me was Noomi Rapace’s performance. She plays 7 identical sisters and each one has it’s own look, style and personality and skills/traits. They are identical sisters that were all kept secret by their grandfather, Willem Dafoe’s character. He chose to name them all after days of the week and allow them to go out into the world once a week on the day that coincided with their name. We see them learning the ways of the world and being trained to survive at a young age, all the way up to their 30’s. Noomi Rapace does an amazing job really selling each version of herself and the special effects/CGI was seemless. You really get lost in the scenes and feel like you are seeing different actresses on screen.monday2

The action scenes were enjoyable, some of it even reminded me of Run Lola Run. However some of the plot points near the end were a little bit of a stretch. I also would’ve loved to see more Willem Dafoe, as he SPOILER ALERT was only featured in the beginning and was gone with not much explanation. He is a great actor and always improves a film.

So, while not a perfect film by any means, if you are into sci-fi give it a shot. The action is enjoyable and Noomi Rapace’s performance is worth the 2 hours.



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