Atomic Blonde

Directed by: David Leitch

Starring: Charlize Theron, James McAvoy & John Goodman

Zero depth to the plot. A predictable storyline. Action sequences that we’ve seen before. Yet, this film was really sexy and fun to watch.

atomicblondeThe film is set against a backdrop of the latter stages of the Cold War. Lorraine Broughton, played by Charlize Theron, is a seasoned MI6 agent who is tasked with gaining names of every agent in the Soviet Union. The stolen list is concealed in a wristwatch and is sought out by other parties willing to pay and kill to get their hands on it. She aligns with David Percival, James McAvoy, and as the film goes along she uncovers corruption and a double spy. Any spy film fan worth their salt will have figured out who the double-agent is before the second act. The plot isn’t always strong and is far from original. I will say the soundtrack may be the best part of the film which makes for a pleasant viewing experience.

Most of the songs are 80’s songs or covers of famous 80’s songs, bringing forth the authenticity of the era. You get blasted with so much 80’s New Wave sonic sounds it enhances the scenes just a bit more. The camera-work and cinematography has a grittiness to it and the staircase fight scene with its long take effect were a blast to watch.

The best part of the fighting wasn’t the choreography but more the realism in which the scenes play out. When Theron is thrown against a wall it actually takes her a second to catch her breath and get up.

McAvoy, Goodman and Sofia Boutella all provide even performances. McAvoy coming off his strong Split performance kind of underwhelmed. A little forced or over-the-top it felt as he tried to play an eccentric spy who could have turned native or who could be playing everyone. Boutella also failed to serve much more than just a steamy sex scene shared with Theron in which she’ll be remembered for in this film.

That leads me to the sexiness of the movie. It just is. Yes it contains a good amount of female nudity and the scene between Theron and Boutella are far from being for the eyes of the innocent. Yet more than that the overall theme of the film is very sensual. Driven by Theron’s performance that had to have been channeling her inner Sharon Stone from Indecent Proposal.

I did find myself stretching and getting a little too comfy in my theater seat by the beginning of the third act. I possibly checked my watch a time or two. The storyline was just basic enough that had it not been carried strongly by Theron I’m pretty sure I would have dozed off. It has enough action that’s almost exclusively hand to hand combat style to put the movie on the positive side of enjoyable. But if you decide to wait until DVD for this one, I won’t stop you.

6.5 out of 10


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