The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower starring: Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, and Tom Taylor

Well here goes my attempt to review the Dark Tower, another movie adaptation of a work by Stephen King. I personally think that this series was pretty good and is worthy of its chance to grace us on the big screen. I just wish it was done a whole heck of a lot better. Despite strong performances by Elba, and McConaughey, this movie fell short especially for anyone who has read these books. This movie was all over the place. For some unknown and mind blowing reason the director and screenwriters decided to take parts of all of the novel’s to put in this film. Which in my opinion just made it a confusing mess, especially for those who read the novels. Now some will say that every time there is a book series that’s made into a movie or tv series, that the production companies take liberties with the work; I get that but I think that most people including myself who wanted to see this movie wanted to because we read the books, or at least a few of the books in the series. This blending of the story just made it annoying and somewhat confusing for fans of the story. If there is by some miracle a sequel to this fiasco it’s going to be even more muddled and picked apart, if they planning on using Mr. King’s original work for the screenplay. It just saddens me to see such a great opportunity for a good story to told on the big screen just come apart in spectacular fashion. The only thing that they was got right was the action and and choreographed scenes. Elba’s portrayal of the gunslinger Roland and Roland’s ability to handle his guns was brought to life in this film .That’s how I imagine the gun battles looked as I read these books. Roland’s skill with his guns we’re supernaturally good, and that was done well in this film. So I will give credit where credit is due. I also will give the Dark Tower a sub-par 4 out 10.

Your resident sci-fi geek (Nick)

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