Spider-Man: Homecoming

spideySony and Marvel studios team up in this 2nd reboot of Spider-Man with Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man!

Directed by Jon Watts, Homecoming starts off right where Captain America: Civil War left off. After the rush of fighting alongside the Avengers, Peter is back to his normal life as a high school nerd. Taking the advice of Tony Stark, he uses his new abilities to stop small crimes and help the people of New York. When he comes across some thugs robbing an ATM he realizes their weapons are way more advanced and dangerous than low-level robbers should have. Peter takes it upon himself to find out The Vulture, played by Michael Keaton, is the mastermind behind the weapons and that Spider-Man must now stop him.

This was a solid movie with great actors, awesome special effects, action and humor. It’s great to see Spider-Man finally get involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Holland plays a teen-age Peter Parker perfectly. Dare I say….better than Toby?? Yeah…I dare!

I rate it 8 webs out of 10. Would have given it nine but had issues with some of the casting and the whole Iron Man being involved in Peters development as Spider-Man.



Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever Iron Man lets him do?

Wait, those aren’t the words are they? Yet, in this recent reboot it feels like that is what Peter Parker is all about. When will Tony Stark let me come out and play?


This movie is good, really good. It’s a lot of fun to watch. The re-imagining of the Spider-Man character though, it may be tough for some to accept. Peter Parker is a true high-schooler in this film, which is perfect. I love that they went this route and it will play well for Marvel with the younger demographic. He is yearning for more action after his taste of fighting alongside The Avengers. Tony Stark has other plans though. He has instructed Peter to stick with small time crime prevention in and around his own neighborhood. Peter of course, having all these amazing abilities is finding it hard to stay put. He stumbles upon a criminal boss, The Vulture, who has been running an underground arms dealership that specializes in alien technology. The Vulture is played by Michael Keaton who decides he wanted to steal the show. A truly well done performance. Parker then makes it his mission to defeat The Vulture and off our story goes.

Sounds simple enough. Pretty standard comic storyline. Unfortunately here is where Marvel needed to flex their interconnected muscle. Refusing to allow any character to have a film of their own and not have it directly coincide with everything else they’re doing; they chose to make Iron Man more than just a mentor to Spider-Man. Tony Stark has gifted the iconic spider-suit to Peter. With this suit comes all sorts of new enhancements. The suit, just like Iron Mans, does a lot of the work for Peter. For a portion of the film Peter not only is learning how to become Spider-Man but he is more so learning about all the wonders that his new suit can do? Umm…ya lost me. This is Spider-Man. He doesn’t need suit enhancement. Web-bombs, rapid-fire web shooters, interrogation mode are all a bit much. Fun and neat visual effects along with a quick scene of comic relief – sure. Except, this is Spider-Man! The extra whozits and whatzits are unnecessary. Marvel decided to remove one of his best super powers, spidey-sense, and give him a cool suit turning him into SpIron-Man.

Other changes they made were to Parker and MJ. MJ is not MJ anymore. She is Michelle, played by Zendaya. The character wasn’t needed at all in this film except to tell everyone that there is no more MJ, just Michelle. It’s evident that she will play a far greater role in future films, but this round she was a mere easter egg of a character. The character of Ned, played well by Jacob Batalon I felt took away from Peter Parker. One of the best things about him was that he always delivered the one-liner quips, yet in the film they attempted to give those to this Ned character and made Peter the serious one. I know, comic relief characters are needed in every Marvel film. This guy was a bit of a stretch to me.  Lastly, Aunt Mae. Ok, I see nothing wrong with this casting…aunt mae

I can see “trust the process” written in the writers rooms for the Spider-Man people, but at what cost. Every time he went out to fight I was just waiting for Iron Man to show up and save him. Even the finale against the Vulture, Spidey doesn’t even beat him. It’s pure villainy greed and arrogance that allows Peter to survive. Spider-Man is Marvels #1 hero. Argued to be their “top dog” overall. We shouldn’t be watching and hoping another hero is around to save him.

All that said I am on board going forward. If nothing else it is very evident that this is a character in development. He did give us two scenes where he had to search himself. Not only his physical strengths but his mental and heart had to be reached deep on. If he arcs properly over his next couple of films, is able to branch out and start fighting on his own, then I can understand the process and appreciate it far more. The one thing Marvel has established is that they have time on their hands and plenty of material being worked on right now to incorporate characters with.

This film I highly recommend checking out. Just be forewarned, you may not fully recognize your standard friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. I promise you will be entertained!

7.5 out of 10



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