Baby Driver

The BEST film of 2017

Directed by: Edgar Wright  and  Starring: Ansel Elgort, Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm

baby driverWow. Ever see the movie Drive ? Did you come out of that wondering what it would have been like had it actually been cool? I have your answer right here in Edgar Wrights fast paced, action filled, tension fueled, musical that’s not technically a musical – Baby Driver!

The movie opens with a really fun scene showing off some really badass driving done by Ansel Elgorts character – Baby. The best part of the film to me is that it never once tries to top this scene by getting more and more over the top driving sequences. It establishes Babys abilities as a great “getaway driver” and even uses it almost as another character, but it never shoves down your throat how great it can be. There is plenty of fun driving scenes and maneuvers throughout the film, yet none of them need to prove themselves as being anything above that opening scene.

Baby has unique driving gifts that may be enhanced by or given to him to compensate for a hearing disability he has had the majority of his life. He copes with this hearing issues by using his own form of a hearing aid – an iPod. His appreciation for all things music guides him through his life and he uses it to navigate everything from his daily activities to perfecting the art of driving a getaway car for bank robberies. Kevin Spaceys character, Doc, runs a robbery business. He has a meticulous scheme for how he robs banks by using a different crew every time. He alters his plans and his crew members every single time except for one thing – the driver. Baby owes Doc a debt and Doc has been slowly collecting on this debt by forcing Baby to drive for him. Spacey plays this role as a mix of Kaiser Soze and Mickey Sosa. In complete control of all things at all times his subtle leadership doesn’t give any chance for things to go wrong by any of his outlandish rotation of crew members.

Spacey dominates every scene he is in. He is never lost or forgotten even when off-screen. Don’t worry, the rest of the cast doesn’t disappoint. Lily James plays more than just “the damsel” in this film. Her character is intriguing and carries a darkened background that never gets fully revealed. Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx both have characters that age like a fine wine. At first they play well, both defined to the role they’ll play in the story. Yet, each of them grow as we gain more insight into their lives. Hamm especially really progresses his character into someone who you are simply happy is in the film. Granted at the end one of these characters does get a little in how many times they can be killed, but given the nature of the film you can allow a pass this once.

Fun. This film is plain fun to watch and listen too. Music plays a character as much as anyone getting an IMDB credit. Using music to advance the storyline and involve you into the scene is rather brilliant. From lyrics that drive the characters to a drum beat that hits the same time as gun fire, music is the true heart beat of the movie. To call the movie a musical wouldn’t draw an argument from me.

By far this is my favorite film of 2017 and has set the bar high for anything to try to top it. I can’t recommend seeing this film enough. Sit back, relax, put your seatbelt on and enjoy the ride.

9 outta 10


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