Shimmer Lake

Shimmer Lake is the new Netflix original movie and directorial debut of Oren Uziel. I have to say I was skeptical at first, as I still consider Netflix originals to be the equivalent of a straight to DVD release. I am happy to say that Shimmer Lake was a pleasant surprise though.


The thing that really drew me in was the cast. I am a big fan of both Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office) and Adam Pally (Happy Endings, Making History). I find both of their comedic styles enjoyable and have followed their careers. If anything, I wish I saw them in more films or TV shows. There were a few other supporting roles from well-known actors like John Michael Higgins (Pitch Perfect films), Ron Livington (Office Space), and Rob Corddry (Ballers).

Benjamin Walker was the real star of the film, I was only familiar with his previous work in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. He did a good job playing the straight, no-nonsense sheriff. Wyatt Russell (Son of Kurt) showed some good range in the few scenes he was in as well. Stephanie Sigman was also great in her role. She has been up and coming recently with roles in SPECTRE, The Bridge, Narcos, and American Crime. I look forward to a major leading role for her in the near future.

The thing that made this film stand out for me though was that it seemed like an homage to some of my favorite 90’s action movies. It had some obvious inspiration from Tarantino’s work, such as Pulp Fiction. Oren Uziel put a new twist on the non-linear storytelling method. Every ten minutes or so we are brought back to a previous day in the week. So, we get more clues in reverse order. That creates twists and turns in the film that you may not have seen coming. When we do finally see the bank robbery sequence that the whole film has led up to, we get another satisfying twist that I did not predict. I won’t go into details much more than that, so the twists pay off for you.

Go check out Shimmer Lake on Netflix, it was a surprisingly satisfying watch for me and I look forward to seeing what Oren Uziel will do next.






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