Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 3

In 2015 Kimmy Schmidt was first brought to Netflix after NBC passed on it. What a mistake, after 3 seasons now it has really become the first (and best) streaming bingeable sitcom. Created by, and sometimes written by, Tina Fey, it definitely draws comparison to 30 Rock. Ellie Kemper (The Office) is the star as a kidnapping victim of 15 years by a religious cult leader (Jon Hamm). Her knowledge and references are stuck in the early 90’s, but she has nothing but a positive outlook, as she struggles to adapt to modern-day New York.




The rest of the supporting cast is perfectly cast. Jane Krakowski plays a similar character here to her role in 30 Rock, and she is great. Her character has changed somewhat over the 3 season run. She started out as an employer and is now more of a friend to Kimmy. She also has changed her focus this season. Embracing her Native American roots, she is set on taking down the racist Washington Redskins. Carol Kane plays the street hardened landlord to Kimmy and her roommate Titus. Tituss Burgess has created an iconic character and really shines in every episode. This season he reenacted Beyonce’s “Lemonade”, interviewed for a job on Sesame Street, and was featured as a cartoon character bladder for a big pharma company commercial.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

The other standout part of every season of UKS are the cameos by other famous actors. This season did not disappoint as we had Laura Dern, Ray Liotta, Josh Charles, Judah Friedlander (also of 30 Rock), and other SNL Alum Rachel Dratch and Maya Rudolph (as Dionne Warwick). There was even a crossover with another Netflix series, Orange is the New Black.

If you aren’t watching this show yet, you are truly missing out. It’s not deep, just a fun watch and very easy to catch up on. Give Kimmy a chance and Titus will keep you coming back.


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