Gotham season 3

Gotham’s 3rd season was definitely Take Too approved. We loved how they used the regular break in the season to construct separate storylines and make it seem like we got 2 seasons in 1. This show has proven time and again that they can juggle multiple characters, as well as always providing us with a surprise as to how they introduce characters and the direction they take their stories.

Sure the show’s focus is on Ben McKenzie as James Gordon and David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne, however we enjoy the supporting cast even more. Donal Logue’s Harvey has created a fantastic partner for Jim Gordon. Sean Pertwee has given us the most bad ass version of Alfred ever put on film. Robin Lord Taylor was the early standout of the show for his performance as the Penguin, but this season showcased Cory Michael Smith as The Riddler. He was great last season as Ed Nygma, but this year showed his transition over to the full-fledged villain we know. We are also big fans of Morena Baccarin and especially enjoyed her work in the last few episodes of the season.


The 3rd season did have some flaws, we thought the role of Captain Barnes, played by Michael Chiklis was good, but his change to the Executioner was weak and a missed opportunity. We also thought the Court of Owls wasn’t compelling enough to be featured as the whole season villain always pulling the strings behind the scenes. Fish Mooney’s character overstayed her welcome in our opinion, and SPOILER ALERTwe hope she is gone for good.

While I’m giving away spoilers, we were teased for season 4 in the finale. Apparently Harley Quinn will arrive (probably via Lee or Barbara), Butch was really Cyrus Gold all along, so we will see Solomon Grundy next season. Also, we met Ra’s Al Ghul and I’m sure he will be around more next year. The final scene also showed a masked vigilante stopping an alley robbery, the man behind the mask was…Bruce.

So, it looks like season 4 will continue to juggle a ton of characters, bring the craziness, as well as inching Bruce closer to being Batman. We are definitely in for the ride and hope Gotham keeps up the fun story they are bringing us each week.



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