Random Tropical Paradise

Getting left by your fiancé blows. Getting left by your fiancé because you can hear the echoes throughout the church of her and one of your groomsman “enjoying each other’s company” while you stand at the altar, is just straight fucked up. That lovely scene is how the newly released movie “Random Tropical Paradise” opens up. This new comedy follows that poor groom Harry as he and his best man Bowie decide to not let the honeymoon go to waste and set off on the vacation themselves. Throw in beautiful women, drug trafficking, mob bosses, illicit drugs, and some stunning scenery and you got yourself a damn funny summertime movie. random-tropical-paradise-pstr1.jpg

“Random Tropical Paradise” stars Bryan Greenberg and Brooks Wheelan as the two best friends that get caught up in all this excitement. Together these two guys have great chemistry on scene. I’m not sure if they are friends in real life, but they legitimately seem like they have known each other for yours. Greenberg’s straight man to Wheelan’s insanity is a great pairing that makes you believe everything going on in this film and how these two are dealing with it. No matter how crazy it might get. But the cast in general is really where this movie shines. I’m not sure how writer/director/producer Sanjeev Sirpal was able to get all of these pieces to fit together so well but every actor was almost written for their roles. Spencer Grammer as the new girl who grabs Harry’s attention on the island is amazing. She is hilarious as always and makes everyone watching fall in love with her too. You have veteran comic Kyle Kinane and improv master Beth Littleford as your average drug taking, sex swinging, pleasure toy making couple. You know, like every movie needs. But those two together seriously steal the screen any time they are on it. Whether Sirpal wrote those lines or Kinane improved them doesn’t matter to me, because that man is comedy gold every time he talks. Then you have the movie legend Joe Pantoliano as mob boss Vincent Gambazzo. I’m never sure where Pantoliano ends and movie roles start, but I don’t care. If you told me there was a movie called “Joey Pants Describes Paint Drying” I would watch it. The man literally makes any movie that much better, and this film is no different. 

There are a few parts of the film that I didn’t care for. Harry and Bowie tripping on drugs seeing squid tentacles and mind-bending colors was a little much. Also, you see the inevitable fight and make up from our two best friends coming a mile away, like in most guy buddy movies. But overall the movie is really funny and a great summer flick to watch. It will almost make you want to get left at the altar, just so you and your best man can go on a Homie-moon together. Look for “Random Tropical Paradise” in select theaters across the country and on VOD everywhere. 

8 Danny Trejo’s Making Everything Better out of 10 


Make sure to check back with Take Too’s new episode this week where we will feature an interview with writer/director Sanjeev Sirpal. Also, Brian and Craig are going to bring you a special episode giving their thoughts on the film!

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