The Flash/Arrow season review


The Flash (Season 3) and Arrow (Season 5) recently wrapped up, and we wanted to give you our opinion on how their seasons unfolded. You can hear what we had to say on Flash, Arrow and the other DC CW shows here. Otherwise here is an abbreviated version of what we had to say about The Flash and Arrow.


The Flash started season 3 with Barry Allen living in an alternate timeline, Flashpoint, that he created by saving his mother. Everything is better for him since his parents are still alive, however, other differences in the timeline make Barry realize he needs to change things back for everyone’s good.

This season also brought on a few new characters Julian, played by Tom Felton (Harry Potter film series), and H.R., who is a version of Harrison Wells from another Earth. We also had the introduction of Gypsy, who becomes a love interest for Cisco, and we see the evolution of Caitlin to become Killer Frost. I really enjoyed seeing Gorilla Grodd featured for 2 episodes. There was also a crossover event between all four DC CW shows, as well as a musical episode that crossed over with Supergirl.

The season’s big bad was Savitar, and we spent most of the season trying to find out who Savitar was and trying to stop him from murdering Iris. I won’t give away the ending of the season, but I will say that I felt this season’s main storyline dragged on and was somewhat predictable in it’s resolution. Let’s hope for a better season 4 from Flash, as this one started with promise, but fizzled in the end.

Arrow season 5 opened with Oliver Queen ina7.jpg search of new teammates, Ragman, Wild Dog, and a new Black Canary were all introduced. Josh Segarra (Sirens) had the breakout performance of the season as DA Adrian Chase. They also introduced a new villain, Prometheus. The flashbacks focused on Oliver’s time in Russia joining the Bratva, a Russian gang. We were all glad to hear that this would be the final season that they planned on using the flashbacks, as they were growing tired and had run their course.

In our opinion, the early part of the season continued the weak trend that season 4 had established. There was a very heavy handed, political episode about gun rights that was completely unnecessary. However, the show definitely took a darker and more violent turn as the season went on with Prometheus. I think it was a welcome change of tone for the show and pushed us towards a great final couple of episodes. The season finale ended on a great cliffhanger which makes you really excited to see where season 6 will go. It had it’s ups and downs for sure, but overall Arrow ended with a BOOM!


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