Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust

The newest addition to Netflix’s growing list of exclusive stand up specials has dropped with Sarah Silverman’s “A Speck of Dust.” Her last special “We Are Miracles” was back in 2013 for HBO. After a major health scare last year that involved emergency surgery, Silverman’s future in stand up wasn’t exactly clear. However, she comes back in her newest special as strong as ever, though with a little different tone to her comedy. a2

Silverman has always been a comedian who goes right up to that line of too far. Some might even say that sometimes she jumps over that line happily (though I personally have never been one of those people). While the language and topics covered in her newest special is still the same Silverman that her fans know and love, there is sort of  a different approach. The comedy is a little more real and not as much obviously made up stories for a laugh. Stories of her family, especially her father, are some of the best parts of the special. Then towards the end, Silverman gets into her health scare and the aftermath of that. All made truly hilarious by her delivery and fact that she admits to not even remembering 90% of it. In the last 40 minutes especially of the 71 minute special, there were a good amount of laugh out moments.

If you are a fan of Sarah Silverman, then “A Speck of Dust” is worth a viewing for sure. If she’s never been someone you have given a shot to, check out this newest special. Once you chuckle a few times, then you’ll know you’re ready to check out her previous stand up specials.

8 pins in that point for later out of 10 


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