Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive on Netflix

“When I was in that wheelchair, I still shopped at Walmart. You can’t beat their prices. But after my settlement everything went up by a penny.” One of the opening lines in Tracy Morgan’s new stand up special just released on Netflix called “Staying Alive.” The title could not be more appropriate for Morgan’s triumphant return to stand up. In case you were unaware, Morgan was involved in a horrific car accident in June 2014 when a Wal-Mart tractor-trailer crashed into the car he was in. The accident killed one of the passengers and severely damaged everyone else. Morgan was comatose for a while, suffered multiple bone fractures, and had to go through months of therapy for traumatic brain trauma as well. So Morgan fully embraced the “Staying Alive” title. Even donning Travolta’s iconic white disco suit for the show. tracy-morgan-netflix-staying-alive

But on to the comedy itself. Morgan really opened up in this special. I would estimate at least 80-85% of the material was about his accident or death or rehab, topics related to the accident. With all that Morgan has not missed a beat. Especially when you think about how the man had to go through speech therapy and everything. There are even a few touching moments. Like when he talks about taking his first steps out of the wheelchair with his 14 month old daughter who was also taking her first steps. Or wanting the speech therapy so he could properly say his vows to his wife at their upcoming wedding. But the hilarity is definitely still there. His self-deprecating humor and material about his family were great. Then getting into men needing to group up and become adults (this means you Flava Flav) and his numerous talks with God during the coma. Seriously, you would have no idea that this man was involved in something so physical damaging three years ago.tracy-morgan-staying-alive-pic.jpg

I’d give “Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive” a high recommend watch for sure. Any fan of his comedy before will love it. Even those who weren’t, or just never checked him out, this is the special to watch. I may even recommend this more than the Dave Chappelle specials, but just slightly above.  You won’t be disappointed in giving it a watch.

9 hateful Aunt Flossies out of 10


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