Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

Marvel does it again! Yet another money producing machine has graced our big screens and this time its leader is Star Lord.gotg-vol-2-cast

Written and Directed by James Gunn and starring Chris Pratt, Michael Rooker, Dave Batista and Kurt Russell this film is loaded with sights and sounds worthy of its hefty opening box office.

All six of our shows hosts were able to see the film during its opening weekend and they came away with mixed reviews. Beau absolutely loved it. Nick, Roy, Tony and Craig all liked it but something was left to be desired. Brian fell asleep due to boredom.

Overall we felt the film has fantastic visuals. We’re treated to different planets, different environments, space fights, hand to hand combat fighting, a lot of shooting and an arrow that ranks up a body count that rivals The Terminator. Everything on screen was very pleasing to the eyes. Not too mention that once again the film boasts a wonderful soundtrack that will have no less than 3 songs stuck in your head for the next week.

Brandy. You’re a fine girl. What a gooooood wife you would be….


As far as the film though, there was something missing. The plot is very basic and takes a while to even develop. By “a while” I mean like 80+ minutes or so. Once we find out the been-there-done-that plot things do progress nicely. Character development is intriguing. Dave Batistas character of Drax has the best development of them all. He’s able to advance his one track mind of revenge that carried him through the first film into an intimate and thoughtful presence that does more than just accompany his teammates.

Here’s where we differ on opinions. I wasn’t in on the whole “Baby Groot” joke. Sure the cute and innocent’sh played funny, but to me the joke was worn out in the first three minutes. Sadly on my end the joke carried consistently all the way till the closing credits. Most folks who loved this film also loved Groot and giggled at every cute moment he provided. Whichever side you’re on with baby Groot may determine your love for this film.

I think the miss for this film came in its lack of advancing any storyline for the MCU. It actually takes place in the past. Fans yearning for more and ‘whats next’ could feel empty leaving the theater thinking this film might even be the last for the Guardians. If not for a quick James Bond esque disclaimer saying otherwise, I might actually have believed it. The shine of uniqueness that the first Guardians film gave us certainly had worn off and a script that felt based around its one-liners as opposed to a deeper plot are what soured this one for me.

Amazing visuals and music and a lot of fun to watch on the big screen. Other than that make sure you have a cup of coffee before watching. Heres hoping Vol. 3 ditches the cassette tapes and joins the iPod generation at least.

5.5 out of 10


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