Origin Stories


We are now 6 months into our show. We’ve published over a 100 blogs, upgraded our website, recorded over 40 podcast episodes, and have gained 100’s of followers on both Facebook and Twitter. Things are going well, but we hope to continue to grow exponentially and have even more big things planned. We figured now was as a good a time as any to show our faces and explain a little about ourselves. What better way to do that than with parody movie posters and by having each other write our bios. Here ya go…

Brian Our coIMG_2423-founder…from a young age he was destined to podcast. While other infants got upset about spilled milk, Brian was annoyed with poor internet connections and dropped Skype calls. A childhood such as that is what made him the amazing host he is today. Brian is also the only legitimate actor in our crew. Stage…check, TV…check, Movies…he watches them. His background makes him our resident guru on actor focused news. He can debate the intricacies of dialogue inflection on a stage play, while at the same time be able to discuss the proper shade of red in Superman’s cape, or why fart jokes are funny. He is game to watch and review anything as long as it is good content for the show. Except horror…keep that scary shit away from him.                  -Craig

Nick Our 2nd co-founding hIMG_2431ost, Nick is our resident sci-fi nerd. He loves Alien, video games, and comics, but every once in a while he finds time to watch a Kevin James flick. He won a spelling bee against 8th graders, while in 11th grade. He holds a Guinness record for most Lemonheads in one’s mouth at a time…87. He loves Deadpool…ok not really, he’s more of a Punisher fan. His love of Star Wars has led us to record a few special episodes, but the show has also expanded his horizons to watch more things he would have never before. He will be there to record our weekly episode every time without fail and loves talking to our fans almost as much as he loves teaching his son about cool, nerdy stuff.                  -Tony

How can I describe Craig? Well, let’s start here firstIMG_2427. I remember watching GI Joe when I was a child, one season Cobra took the genes of  all the greatest conquerors and villains in human history and created a super bad guy to lead them. When I think of Craig, I think of something similar, but with a little bit of Batman, Mexican Lucha Libre, and a tiny bit of Superman. I mean a very small part of Superman, like a molecule. Then take that infant version and give him to the Macho Man Randy Savage to be raised and now we have the Craig we have today. I am also pretty sure that’s how Craig’s life really began.             -Nick



Our editor in chief who keeps us all in line and well punctuated.He’s a family man whose podcasting skills may be trumped only by his abilities as a great husband and father of two beautiful kids. He specializes in his eclectic taste of television shows and movies. He can sing show tunes all day while also ratttling off the names of random directors in any genre of film. He also trained witht the league of shadows and Bruce Wayne still owes him money.                             -Brian



Hardcore gamer, lover of all things fantasy, dragons, and all that is Kryptonian. He has the looks of Dean Cain and the soul of Sheldon Cooper. A Star Wars guru at the head of our Royal Table. The perfect balance of family man and nerd that fits in perfectly in our Take Too family.


BeIMG_2436au This Take Too host first saw Charlie Chaplin on the big screen and was amazed when he saw the first “talkie”. He enjoys going to the theatre to see old movies that remind him of his childhood. He is our resident Spidey expert and is known to ocassionally show up in the costume from the first film…it is a bit snug. The father of Take Too with the silky voice of Barry White…this is Beau.                     -Roy




Thanks for joining us on this crazy ride so far, keep listening and reading…Thanks!

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