13 Reasons Why

13reasonpromoNetflix once again struck gold with a hit new series for everyone to binge. This time though was a much more serious tone as well as being aimed more at teenagers. Brian and Beau both knocked out this series pretty quickly. Here are thoughts from each of them.

Whenever there is a social hot topic being discussed, TV likes to make a quick “after school special” to try to tackle the issue. Usually the end result is a bad show with cheesy dialogue that people end up not watching. That is not the case with this show.
13 Reasons Why hits the subject of suicide head on with a passion and realism not seen in a long time. It is the story of Hannah Baker, a teenager who commits suicide while in her sophomore year of high school. The twist, however, is she left behind 13 cassette tapes of her explaining why she did it. Each tape is about a specific person and what they did to her,  with specific instructions for those tapes to be sent around to each of those people. What follows is a roller coaster of emotions from sadness and guilt to anger and fear.
What made this show so great was the fact that, not only do you see what the people did and could have done to prevent it, you see what Hannah could have done to prevent it as well.
Well written, great acting by fairly unknown actors, and a story that keeps you on the couch waiting for the next episode.
9 of 10 cassettes for me!

Is it good?

That usually is the first thing someone asks you after you mention you have seen a new show. For 13 Reasons Why I hesitate to answer yes. Not because it was a poorly made production, but because it’s not the type of show you come away from happy and smiling. So with caution I say you should certainly watch this series.

13reasonstapeOn Netflix and released at the end of March this show was an immediate hit. It spoke largely to the teenager demographic because the entire series centered around a teens suicide caused by bullying.

Clay Jensen, played wonderfully by Dylan Minnette, receives a box of cassette tapes on his doorstep one day. Yes, I said cassette tapes and yes this show takes place in present day. He gets ahold of a cassette player and the journey of this series begins.

“Hey, its me. Hannah Baker. Don’t adjust your listening device.”

Hearing this voice is a bit surprising because; Hannah Baker is dead! Hannah killed herself just a little over a week ago and Clay quickly learns that she had planned out her suicide for quite a while. She decided to send every person who hurt her on a journey to learn what exactly led to her suicide. What they discover is that they themselves are the reason she is dead.

There are thirteen tapes and each individual tape is about one individual person. Hannah now tells a tale, from her point of view, a series of events that happened with each person that added to her demise. The show is driven by Clay who can’t understand how he could ever be involved in these tapes. He saw his relationship with Hannah as a positive one. While he learns more and more about why and how Hannah chose to end her life’ it breaks his heart and mind even more and more.

I really don’t want to go into anymore detail. This is most certainly a film series that we can’t dive deep into without giving away 100 spoilers. This series will hit home for any viewer. Younger watchers should be able to relate to the teens in the show and the style of bullying that we see today. Adults should be able to relate to the parents and the different style of roles each one of them play. You will walk away from this show in not the best of moods. Angry at society and what the lack of a simple conversation could mean to someone. Thought provoking and powerful is the story of Hannah Baker and her tragic death.

I recommend watching this. Then having your teenager watch it. Then go hug them and have a conversation about nothing. It could mean the world to them.

8 outta 10



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