Sun Records review

Well, 8 episodes came and went fairly quickly, and Sun Records was just…ok. CMT is still new to the scripted series game and I feel like given time they could improve. If you are a music fan or history buff, like I am, it was worth the watch. Based on the Broadway Show Million Dollar Quartet, it showed us the creation of Sun Records in Memphis in the early 1950’s and the artists that worked there. Although it never did quite get all the way to the titular end of it’s source material. It also dropped half of it’s viewership from the premiere to the finale. However, I could see it coming back to at least wrap up the storylines and to let CMT to continue working at their scripted series.

The best and worst parts of the show for me came in the casting. I don’t dislike Chad Michael Murray, but he does not seem right for Sam Phillips. Maybe it was just the terrible accent he continued to try and pull off every week. I did feel like Drake Milligan (Elvis), Christian Lees (Jerry Lee Lewis), and Billy Gardell (Colonel Parker) were perfectly cast.636232707221005074-sun-records-3wmy

I did enjoy learning about some of the behind the scenes stories I was unaware of. I didn’t realize how large the contributions of Marion Keisker (played by Margaret Anne Florence) were. The story of Johnny Bragg (played by Darius Rucker…yep Hootie) and the Prisonaires was also fascinating to me. The show did a great job of just making you feel what it must’ve been like to hear these revolutionary songs for the first time, which would’ve been nothing short of amazing.

Is Sun Records a great show? Nope. Is it enjoyable? I think so. If you are a music fan, give Sun Records a shot. I for one am hoping to see another season down the road, just so we can see that Million Dollar Quartet finally get together to record together.



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