Doctor Who Series 10 Premiere

The show that will never die because it can continuously regenerate has returned with the series 10 premiere of Doctor Who (because British people all weird and called them series instead of seasons). We are still on with Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor as the series picks up. We find the Doctor as a lecturer in a college, and we realize a lot of time has passed since The our final episode with companion Clara Osborn. How much time we don’t know, but it appears that he has been all the college for as long as anyone can remember. Very early on we meet who the new companions with be. Bill, played by Pearl Mackie, and Nardole, who has appeared in episodes before played by Matt Lucas. As is often the case, our newest companion gets caught up in some alien drama and the Doctor comes in to save the day. There are some heartfelt exchanges and the Doctor decides that instead of wiping Pearl’s memory, he will bring her along on his adventures. Now that you’ve got the basic layout of how this season starts up, on to more important things. My opinion of it all.

It has already been announced that this will be Capaldi’s final season as the Doctor, and unfortunately also the final season with Steven Moffat as the head writer and executive producer. doctor-who-series-10-capaldi-mackie-bill-tardis-heroI love Capaldi and will be sad to see him go. His portrayal of 12th Doctor that no one saw coming has been spectacular. He’s funny, smart, and yet terrifyingly powerful when he needs to be. My favorite part of any Doctor portrayal is how well they can enter a room and automatically show how they are the smartest one there. Capaldi does that perfectly. While we don’t want him to leave, we all have to remember that every time the Doctor changes anger and frustration is coming. I always assume that they will never find a Doctor to replace the previous one because they were just so good. And every time I’ve been proved wrong. It happened with Tenent, it happened with Smith, and it will happen with Capaldi. I think Steven Moffat leaving the show however is much more detrimental. He has been the saving grace of Doctor Who and what has brought the series back in to the mainstream. That genius mind behind Sherlock and Three Musketeers wouldn’t stay forever, but sucks it’s finally time for the inevitable. As for our two new companions, I am already not a fan. I don’t mind Nardole. He’s good Comic relief at times but I don’t feel Capaldi needs that. He has his own style of humor and adding in Nardole just seems unnecessary in my opinion. But I’ll reserve judgement for a few more episodes to be sure. However, Bill I do not like. I don’t really see what her character is supposed to be within the context of the Doctor Who show. Most of the time the companion, while not as smart, is sort of an equal to the Doctor. That does not seem the case with Pearl. She’s just dumb and doesn’t seem to understand things at all. I don’t enjoy that at all. It’s hard to see how the Doctor is going to play off of and bounce ideas off an unintelligent companion. 

But none of this matters because I will watch the Doctor go anywhere, with anyone, and do anything. It’s an obsession that I grasped on with through the 9th Doctor and I never looked back. It’s often so damn good, I don’t want to turn away and miss anything. I’ll be sure to post some periodic reviews throughout series 10 (damn weird Brits) on the blog and bring it up as often as possible on the show. 

And before anyone asks, fine I’ll tell you. My favorite Doctor is the 9th Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston. And my favorite companion was Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler. Doctor-Who-Season-10Email or tweet me your thoughts on series 10 and your favorite Doctor & companion. If there is enough outcry for it, Take Too might even do a Doctor Who special episode and you could guest star on it!

Side note: Following the premiere was the premiere episode of the Doctor Who spin off “Class.” It following a group of students at Coal Hill Academy who all start to see a shadow monster. Capaldi makes a guest appearance and we realize this group of outsiders will all start to help keep the world safe. Think of it like Torchwood meets 21 Jump Street. I thought it was entertaining and I’ll keep up with at least the first few episodes to see where it goes. The effects are good and for the most part, the acting is decent as well. As long as the story writing stays interesting I think it has potential.


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