Power Rangers

It’s Morphin Time!!


It was 1993 and a younger version of myself never thought he could fall for a girl with a helmet on. Yet alas there the pink ranger was. My little brother was hooked on this new tv show but I was hooked on Kimberly. Even though I felt she shouldn’t have dated Jason and certainly never should have given Tommy the time of day, my feelings never faltered. Maybe because at the time I was dating Kelly Kapowski, I was able to accept Kimberlys poor life decisions.

Now here we are twenty four years later. Sure, I’ve moved on but the Power Rangers never did. They simply morphed into something new.

The smash hit tv show from the 90’s has been rebooted into a new film franchise. A new take on the story that added a few not so subtle changes. The characters remain the same but the direction of the story line has a brand new feel to it.

Five random kids find themselves discovering crystals that have been buried for thousands of years. These crystals instantly give each teenager super powers and a curiosity for what else has been buried nearby. The answer is Zordon and Alpha-5 who have been in hiding underground in a space ship this whole time. Adding to the changes from the show to this film is that Zordon used to be a Power Ranger. He sacrificed himself to hide the crystals from another Ranger who had gone bad – Rita Ripulsa. With these crystals she could now rule the earth.

Now the new owners of these crystals and powers have to find a way to get to know each other and become a team before the newly rejuvenated Rita can destroy the world. Unlike the original show where the ability to morph into their costumes came with ease, these kids have to become an actual team first. They must learn to trust and accept each other. They also must learn to trust and accept themselves. Each of the new Rangers comes with their own set of issues to overcome.

I actually really enjoyed the fresh new take on the storyline. The kids get powers given to them as opposed to all randomly having study to be a ninja during study hall. Zordon and Rita being former Rangers and being divided because one chose good and the other chose evil. The sentiment of teaching teamwork and working together through social, racial and economical divide was such a positive.

I recommend seeing this film. It’s a lot of fun and a cool reboot/reimagining of this childhood favorite. As for the original Kimberly, she’ll always have that special place in my Zord, but I am really looking forward to where this new franchise goes.

7.5 outta 10


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