Homeland Season 6 Review

It seems most people I talk to gave up on Homeland a few seasons ago. I understand their skepticism, as it has had some ups and downs over the past few seasons. After a solid first 2 seasons, it seemed like it had a hard time getting it’s legs back. Numerous location changes didn’t seem to help, although they were trying to stay current. That’s why I had high hopes for this season, as they decided to bring the story back to the US and featured a storyline focusing on a newly elected, and divisive, Presidential candidate. Sound current enough?


Elizabeth Marvel (House of Cards) plays the newly elected president Keane. She is a gold star mom and her political views seem to be dividing the country after a close election. She gives a great performance and her story drives the season. Claire Danes is back but for the first time, not as part of the CIA. She works for a legal foundation that represents Muslims facing discrimination in the US. A bombing in the city involves one of her clients and that leads us down the rabbit hole into uncovering a greater threat. Peter Quinn is back after being nearly dead last season. Rupert Friend gives a great performance as Quinn as a slightly incapacitated “soldier”.

Overall this was a solid season. The topical storylines and good performances made it stand out among the past few seasons. Showtime has already picked up Homeland for 2 more seasons. Given the death of a major character this season, I’m hoping that means they are working towards an endgame. I gotta say I’m looking forward to the continued adventures of Carrie Mathison.


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