Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Review

I have been a fan of Legends since the beginning. I love the cast of lesser known characters cobbled together from the other CW shows into a super team. Although I felt like the first season did leave something to be desired. Season 2 however featured a great shake up in cast members, as well as a better (group of) villains. They embraced their wild campy style and never took themselves too serious, which made it just a fun watch. Can you really go wrong when Superheroes and time travel are combined?


We are planning to do a special episode wrapping up all the CW/DC shows once their seasons are complete, so I won’t get too in depth here. I will say this year’s villain was an improvement over Vandal Savage from season 1. Using some characters we’ve already come to know from the other shows in the Arrowverse was genius, as was using the name Legion of Doom. The ability to constantly change the lineup of The Legends also works to their advantage. We saw the subtraction of a few characters from the first season and the addition of a few new one’s for this season. This give’s DC the ability to keep the show fresh and feature even more of their lesser known characters that my not demand a full length film treatment.

Time travel is the other element that makes this show remain interesting from week to week, it allowed us to see the 1940’s era Justice Society members, and Jonah Hex. We also see weekly episodes feature trips to feudal Japan, the old west, Nazi Germany, and more. What other show can feature Arthurian legend, the Apollo 11 moon mission, and dinosaurs in consecutive weeks? Some of the episodes may seem campy, but they mine it for humor and it works. There are sometimes silly cameos from famous people throughout history like Al Capone, Tolkien, and even George Lucas. It all works and I look forward to this show each week more than Flash or Arrow some weeks. In my opinion, Legends was the best part of the yearly crossover episode. I can’t wait to see where season 3 takes us and I hope they continue to shake things up for the betterment of the series.


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