Happy Accidents

From time to time we have have slight brain farts, for lack of a better term…

In this week’s episode, Nick inadvertently said the Men’s College Basketball Championship was run by the NAACP, of course he meant NCAA. It’s not his fault, he’s a sci-fi nerd who doesn’t really watch sports.

Roy also misspoke and said Hawkman would not be in Ant-Man 2. He meant Hawkeye since he is a Marvel character and Hawkman is from DC, simple mistake.

Craig also said a few things wrong during his quick Wrestlemania wrap up. He named Mickie Jones as a wrestler, when he actually has the last name James. He also said John Cena’s finishing move is the Five Finger Shuffle, but it’s actually the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Some wrestling fan huh? Just kidding, we would have never caught it and he was trying to hurry so we’ll cut him a break.

We also still owed one from a week’s ago when Brian said Nick Mangold directed Logan. He played for the New York Jets in the NFL. He meant to say James Mangold.

All simple mistakes but we like to try and correct ourselves when we can. If you caught something we didn’t, let us know in the comments. Thanks and keep listening and sharing.

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